Bin ML020032521 ML-8 8th September, 2014


Contents (all journals):
54 x Laws and Bills
2 x Building Services
2 x Pol Oxygen
1 x Vanity Fair
7 x Details*  *”The definitive destination for modern men seeking to curate a more refined lifestyle”

In a recent workshop on facilitating group work involving 30 academics from different faculties, it was interesting to see how people self selected into groups based upon what I can only put down to appearance as most of us didn’t know each other. On two tables were brightly coloured or stylishly dressed design and architecture faculty members, on the other tables, everyone else. I moved to a group of maths/business/engineering participants to have an opportunity to work with people more likely to think differently to me. It was at first frustrating as there were some very dominating and non-inclusive voices and it didn’t seem we had much common ground, but by the end of the session we listened to each other, built on each others expertise and embraced varying concerns including the installation of a security camera to watch over our harbour-side communal kitchen.

What, if at all will the the journal Details, “The definitive destination for modern men seeking to curate a more refined lifestyle” discuss with Laws and Bills? Or will Details, Pol Oxygen and Vanity Fair form an exclusive group?



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