ML010013811 ML – 4 – 8th September 2014 4:15pm

Although containing a lot of Architecture magazines, this bin is quite varied, making for some interesting conversations.

Objects include:
Information technology, action movies, documentaries on corruption, satiric video recordings on giving performance reviews, settling your baby, architecture magazines.

Date: 8th September 2014 4:15pm
Bin: ML010013811_ML-4
Abortion, corruption and cops [vide | 363.46 ABOR
The Dreaded appraisal [videorecordi | 658.3125 DREA
The art of war [videorecording]. | 700.994 ARTW
Super size me [videorecording] | Ha 647.95 SUPE
Settling your baby [videorecording] | 649.122 SETL
Information technology in business | 658.05 INFM
The unorganised manager. Part 3, Di | 658.402 UNOR [3]
Great Australian albums. The Saints | 782.42 SAIN
I’d like a word with you [videoreco | 658.314 IDLI

combined ML010013811_ML-4


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